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Praise Gaben, the Steam Summer Sale dates have leaked

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Praise Gaben

Games! You want them, and Valve has them! All the games, every single one ever made and you’ll see. Those traitors who fled to the Epic Games Store will be back eventually! THEY ALL COME BACK TO STEAM WHETHER THEY WANT TO OR NOT! Mad rants aside, if you were looking to add more games to a backlog that has no end in sight, then do I have some good news for you.

The next big Steam Summer Sale, is now a mere month away. Give or take. Steam Database’s Pavel Djundik dropped the bank account bombshell, revealing that June 25 to July 9 will play havoc on the “Should I? Can I?” portion of your brain that’s responsible for all the important bodily functions that power you through the day. Like being able to walk, blinking, breathing in AND breathing out.

Same dates as last year’s Steam Summer Sale then. SURPRISE! In more Steamy news, it looks like Valve has found a new idea with which to fight back against Epic’s increasing encroachment on their digital territory. Djundik also uncovered code strings for quick user reviews and a loyalty points system of some sort. The reviews side of the story details “Deep Thoughts, Heartwarming, Hilarious, Hot Take, Poetry, and Helpful” reactions to video games, expanding on the current system of rating games by Yes, no and meh.

Last year’s Summer Sale had some absolutely cracking good games on offer, which…which I bought and still haven’t downloaded, let alone played. I genuinely can’t wait to repeat that exercise in sound fiscal management, again this year.

Last Updated: May 12, 2020

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