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Predator: Hunting Grounds is adding a badass Samurai Predator to its ranks

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In a couple of weeks, Sony closes the door on the PlayStation 4 era with Ghost of Tsushima, a samurai epic that also allows you to flex some sneaky shinobi skills. It’s not the first samurai game to ever hit the console scene, but it might just be the grandest take on the subject matter. Also I’ve been playing it since Friday, so expect impressions on it soon.

And here’s the part of the story where I’m sorry to announce, that Ghost of Tsushima is already dead on arrival thanks to Predator: Hunting Grounds beating it to the samurai punch. Developer Illfonic’s take on the classic cat and mouse film (if the cat were an unstoppable hunter from beyond the stars that had almost as much dickish nature as a feline pal) is slowly coming together, ironing out the wrinkles of its rushed to market entry from a couple of months ago.

The Dutch DLC was a nice touch of nostalgia, but the next addition may be the craziest one yet: Actual samurai armour, for the titular Predator:

Predator SAMURAI (1)
Predator SAMURAI (2)

“Since we brought Dutch in as a Fireteam member last month, we’d like to introduce a new Predator class this month, Jordan Mathewson, Lead Designer at IllFonic, explained on the PS Blog.

The Samurai Predator has arrived. This class of Predator comes from an ancient Japanese legend that brings to life the tale of this demon from the sky. During the hottest of days when the sun bit the necks of farmers of this island nation, a rushing sound unlike any other echoed across the sky. The Samurai warriors would recognize this omen and don their weaponry to fight the invisible demon.

Year after year, the most elite of warriors would fall honourably to this Yautja in a ritual that would last for centuries. We are excited to see players bring this Yautja into battle in the hunting grounds. We included early access to the Predator Katana with this DLC pack as well. The Predator Katana will be unlockable to all players later in July.

It’s not the first time that the Predator franchise has leaned on samurai power, as the heavily underrated Predators film from 2010 still featured an amazingly-cool sequence where Yakuza Hanzo challenges one of the hunters to a duel that feels like it was ripped straight from a classic Akira Kurosawa film:

There is of course a catch: This admittedly awesome slice of character class will cost you, as it joins the Yautja roster of the Scout, Hunter and Berserker classes currently available within the game.

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

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