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Predator: Hunting Grounds is aiming to be a tense game where the role of hunter and hunted can easily flip

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It’s 2019, and we’ve yet to get the definitive Predator game in an age where titles such as Hitman, Splinter Cell Blacklist and Metal Gear Solid exist. On paper, the formula should be easy enough: You as the Yautja, equipped with the best science fiction weaponry ever made and ripping spines out of torsos without ever being seen.

That’s kind of the game we’re getting in Predator: Hunting Grounds, but the twist here is that you won’t just have a chance to play as the infamous stalker of Schwarzeneggers. You’ll be teaming up to take on the dread dreadlocked menace as a team of soldiers who have a job to do. “We want to almost make the Fire Team forget that there’s a Predator,” says Charles. “So then when he does come, the tension has been building for a while and you’ll be like ‘oh crap!’ when he attacks,” Illfonic Studio Head Charles Brungardt said to the PS Blog.

In the first film the Fire Team are focused on their mission, but then the Predator starts hunting them. By the end of the movie, that’s turned around and the hunter and hunted roles are flipped. That was the inspiration for our game. So when you play as the Predator, you’ll feel big and badass, but you can have that turned around on you as well.

As for the Predator? He’ll be tough, but he won’t be unstoppable. “The Predator has a finite amount of energy, so when he’s cloaked, using heat vision or firing his Plasma Caster, it depletes his energy bar,” Creative Director Jared Gerritzen explained.

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That’s one way we’re balancing him — you can’t just run around cloaked, using heat vision and popping off shots all the time. His helmet can get blown off which makes him even more vulnerable as he won’t have heat vision any more, and you won’t be able to aim the Plasma Caster, so the shots will be a little off.

The Predator not only sees heat, but from farther away he sees sound bubbles when weapons are fired. The Fire Team have melee weapons and can take out the NPCs silently and take the perimeter. Then, when they need to go loud, it’s best to do it as fast as possible then get out before the real danger hits.

You can customize weapons, characters and loadouts to play in a specific way, so you can build a super-stealth guy and not give up your location, making it tough for the Predator to find you. But usually, he will!

There’ll be a few other authentic touches added as well, such as making certain that the Predator himself looks like he just stepped off of the silver screen, several callbacks to the past and even a chance to activate a small nuke in the ultimate act of scorched earth spitefulness. Yelling “GET TO DAH CHOPPAH”, will be up to you.

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Last Updated: September 12, 2019

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