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Prepare to have your clicky-ass handed to you in Diablo 3

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Make no mistake, the Diablo games have never exactly been walk in the parks for players. Any veteran going into battle has no doubt had a scroll of town portal ready, waiting for that moment of activation when a boss battle shaves your health points down to seriously low levels.

But that’s what makes people love the game so much, as the digital masochistic levels of pain that it dishes out on players is all part of the charm of the world of Diablo. Diablo 3 is hopefully releasing later this year, and it’s bringing with it several modes of difficulty, from the vanilla normal setting, through to Nightmare, Hell and Sweet Tyrael, what is wrong with you man?! Inferno mode.

Wondering what exactly those challenging modes entail? There’s a video below talking about them, straight from the developers of Diablo 3. I’m certain that I saw a gimp mask behind one of the guys…

Last Updated: February 13, 2012

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