President Reagan once told a Pac-Man joke.

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Thanks to Stephen Totillo at MTV Multiplayer, this wonderful anecdote is available for all to read.

This comes form the Associated Press reporting on October 11th,1982 about a speech given by Reagan in Irving Texas.

"Ad libbing during a highly partisan speech to a rally for a Republican candidate, the president said the demands of office sometimes prevent him from keeping up with the latest trends and fads, including the popular video game, ”Pacman.”

”Someone told me it was a round thing that gobbles up money,” Reagan said. ”I thought that was Tip O’Neill.”

For those who aren’t incredibly knowledgeable about 1980’s American Politics- Tip O’Neill  was the Democrat Speaker of the House and a big opponent of Reagan’s domestic and defence policies.

Source and many thanks : MTV Multiplayer

Last Updated: January 13, 2009

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