Prey – Safe keycode and password locations guide

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HACK THE PLANET! Or more accurately, hack the space-station yo. If you feel like you’ve got fingers with the grace of a sledgehammer, then you’re most likely having a hard time breaking into the myriad safes and personal computers in Prey. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to actually slide in and pilfer the goods: Pressing CTRL+F and highlighting what you’re looking for in this handy list of safe keycodes and passwords.

There may be some spoilers below, so consider yourselves warned:

Safe combinations:

  • Debriefing Safe – Neuromod Division: 5150
  • Morgan Yu’s Office – Talos I Lobby: 0451
  • Security Safe – Talos I Lobby: 0526
  • Holding Room – Talos I Lobby: 1129
  • I.T. Department – Talos I Lobby: 0913
  • Dr. DeVries’ Safe – Talos I Lobby: 7324
  • Dr. Thorstein’s Safe – Hardware Labs: 9954
  • Armory – Psychotronics: 8714
  • Dr. Calvino’s Safe – Crew Quarters: 0523
  • Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container – Talos I Exterior: 2312
  • Reactor Room – Power Plant: 3845


  • Marco Simmons’ Password – Neuromod Division: Simulation Debriefing: On the note attached to Simmons’ workstation
  • Security Booth Keycode – Neuromod Division: Foyer: On the note next to Divya Naaz’s corpse
  • Security Station Password – Neuromod Division: Foyer: Can also be found on the same note next to Naaz’s body
  • Jason Chang’s Password – Talos I Lobby: Executive Offices: Check the note attached to Jason Chang’s workstation
  • Volunteer Quarters Keycode – Talos I Lobby: Executive Offices: Open up the volunteer attitude email in Goodwin’s workstation
  • Pilot’s Lounge Keycode – Talos I Lobby: Staff Lounge: Check Octavia Figg’s Transcribe, to hear the code
  • Director Thorstein’s Office Keycode – Hardware Labs: Thadeus York’s Workstation: Read the “You’re in charge” email
  • Group: Small Scale Testing Password – Hardware Labs: Small Scale Testing: On the floor is a clipboard with the code-note
  • Machine Shop Supply Closet Keycode – Hardware Labs: Small Scale Testing: Read the “If you need supplies” email on the small workstation
  • Ballistics Lab Key Safe Keycode – Hardware Labs: Ballistics Lab: Beneath the grate in the corner, on a note
  • Machine Shop Supply Closet Keycode – Talos I Exterior: Listen to the “First thing tomorrow: recording on the Transcribe of Dr Calvino
  • Armory Keycode – Psychotronics: Armory: Allow Aaron Ingram to live
  • Maintenance Tunnel Keycode – G.U.T.S.: Maintenance Tunnel: On Kimberly Bomo’s body, you’ll find a note with the code
  • Magnetosphere Control Room Safe Keycode – G.U.T.S: Magnetosphere Restroom: In the toilets, move a roll of toilet paper off the shelf to find the note
  • Julien Howard’s Password – Arboretum: On the note near Iris Stein’s body
  • Fitness Center Keycode – Crew Quarters: Concierge: Read the “New Gym Code” email in the security station
  • Abigail Foy’s Password – Crew Quarters: Abigail Foy’s Cabin: Underneath Abigail’s desk you’ll find a note
  • Calvino’s Safe Keycode – Crew Quarters: Lorenzo Calvino’s Cabin: Check out Calvino’s Notes 3 podcast, at his workstation
  • Fitness Center Keycode – Crew Quarters: Cabins B Restroom: On a note inside the loo
  • Mall Room Keycode – Crew Quarters: Habitation Pods: In Anders Kilne’shabitation pod, you’ll find a note
  • Freezer Keycode – Crew Quarters: Kitchen: Check inside the freezer that the chef opens
  • Executive Suites Keycode – Crew Quarters: Will Mitchell’s Cabin: Read “Food request for Alex” at Mitchell’s workstation
  • Executive Suites Keycode – Crew Quarters: Recycler Room: The note can be found on the table
  • Executive Suites Keycode – Crew Quarters: Fitness Center: At Emma Beatty’s workstation, read the “Personal training session” email
  • Ivy Song’s Password – Deep Storage: Corporate Information Technology: Check Zachary West’s workstation for the note
  • Deep Storage Safe Keycodes – Deep Storage: Command Center: The note can be found at Danielle Sho’s workstation
  • Gus Magill’s Password – Cargo Bay: Shipping and Receiving: Lift the phone up at Gus Magill’s desk, grab a note
  • Cargo Bay A Security Safe Keycode – Cargo Bay: Quartermaster’s Office: Talk to Sarah Elazar to get the note
  • Parts Storage Keycode – Power Plant: Monitoring: On Duncan Krassikoff’s transcribe, listen to the “Keycode change: Parts storage” audio log
  • Price Broadway’s Password – Life Support: Water Treatment Facility: Next to Price Broadway’s workstation, check the supply crate to find the note
  • Life Support Storage Room Keycode – Life Support: Oxygen Flow Control Room: In the Oxygen Flow control room, you’ll find the note
  • Security Station Safe Keycode – Life Support: Main Lift Access: On Erica Teague’s body, you’ll find the note
  • Bridge Safe Keycode – Talos I Bridge: Captain’s Loft: On Captain Loft’s desk, grab the book and the code. And you’re done!

Last Updated: May 8, 2017

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