Prison Break Game… Ja No…

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Prison Break the game

I just stumbled across some news that the hit TV show Prison Break is coming to a console near you.

Now personally I never felt the show was worth anything but the wife was absolutely besotted with the story line…  well that is what she claims anyway.

So obviously when I hear the news about it possibly becoming a game I had to check with the resident Prison Break fan and the solid answer was “Ja Noooo”…

Now if a gamer like myself thinks the idea is stupid and a Prison Break fan non gamer thinks the idea is stupid how many people are seriously going to pick this one up?

If we need to make a TV series into a game why not go with Boston Legal where we get to intelligently insult people and sleep with good looking lawyers. Now that sounds like something that may be entertaining.

Source: Gamespot

Last Updated: August 15, 2008

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