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Project CARS trailer highlights a problem in the gaming industry

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People are excited for games they want. It’s a good thing. We love the experiences that rad games offer and we want to know which games are going to offer them. Project CARS is one such exciting possible experience. There’s a new trailer to show us why, but the fact that I’m writing about it makes me sad.

Here is the Project CARS Renault Sport Trailer:

Okay, before I begin my little rant, that video looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s honestly at the point where I can’t tell the difference between a real ad for those cars and the game because it’s so darn pretty. The game is looking rad and I’m sure it will offer an incredible experience for those who want to get their vroom vroom on. Well done.

But why am I writing about one car coming to a game? How is this something worthwhile? Were any of you holding out to pre-order the game until you knew Renault was represented? No, of course not. What probably happened was the developers signed an agreement with Renault which included some extra PR around the inclusion of the car in the game. Is it a cool car that some of you will use? Of course it is! Does it need a trailer? Of course it doesn’t. But this is what gaming has become – a series of screenshots and trailers to help build hype about features or elements in a game that you might never touch. It doesn’t matter whether the trailer is actually relevant to gameplay, it’s about keeping the game in your minds until it launches.

So my work here is done. I hope you’re even more hyped for Project CARS if that’s your jam, and I hope you actually care about Renault enough to make watching that trailer worthwhile. Now I’m going to go back to searching for screenshots and trailers for other games everyone is desperate for more details on.

Last Updated: April 10, 2015

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