Project Epoc thought-powered controller

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Project Epoc

Completely thought powered gaming….. That is what Epoc are saying they are now capable of. I remember trying out a mind powered game in Cresta about 10 years ago. You had to put your finger on a sensor and then you controlled a skiier with your mind..

It did seem to work just not very well, or maybe it was my brain that wasn’t working so hot 🙂

Personally I cannot see this thing working or even wanting it to work. I just can’t see how it would make gaming more entertaining at all. If they could get it to work though it might help millions of people in the medical world and I could really do with one of these to help me with my day job…

could you imagine just sitting behind your PC and getting it to type whatever you are thinking? Just make sure you proof read the thing afterwards you never know what else might sneak it’s way into your document or code….

Link to Project Epoc thought-powered controller: could gaming get any lazier? – Engadget

Last Updated: March 2, 2007

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