Project Natal Seen on Jimmy Fallon

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We have been given our first sighting of the Project Natal device in the wild and it isn’t pretty..

Granted this is still a prototype device and we know that Microsoft will shrink it down and make it pretty before release but for now it’s just an ugly box.

However this ugly box also managed to have a live demonstration on Live TV and walk away with pretty much everyone impressed by it. So possibly it really is ready to be released into the market, once it has had some plastic surgery that is.

Check out the full picture and awesome screen after the break.


Last Updated: June 11, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • The video can be seen here –

    I trust the orange jump suits will come bundled with the NATAL.

  • j4nr1k

    Anybody have that video for download?

    Streaming not your friend in SA…

  • JamesD

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  • easy

    the ms rep looks like a right ####!

    i still don’t see how this is going to change traditional gaming (driving games while standing!!), but i have to admit this video does looks fun, more fun than the e3 demo did.
    longevity of that fun is where i reckon the downside comes in, if you forget the practicality.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Looks too wii-ish

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