Propaganda Games gutted – Pirates of the Caribbean game sent to Davy Jones’s locker

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It’s true, you can probably count the number of good film-to-game titles on one hand, but the Pirates of the Caribbean game was looking really, really cool. Now it’s dead; it’s deader than Barbossa and his entire crew combined.

For those of you who didn’t know, the POTC game was being developed by Propaganda Games and published by Disney Interactive Studios. It was going to be an action RPG with Mass Effect-style choices and what sounded like a morality system. “Will you be Legendary or will you be Dreaded” was one of the taglines. It had potential and a gorgeous art direction to boot. Sadly, a representative from Disney Interactive Studios has confirmed that the title is no more, and what’s worse, people have lost their jobs.

Angela Emery, the VP of communications for Disney Interactive had this to say: “Disney Interactive Studios confirms the cancellation of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned video game which was scheduled to be released in 2011. As a result of this decision, Disney Interactive Studios completed a restructuring of Propaganda Games.” Of course “restructuring” is PR code for “layoffs”.

I’m really bummed the game is dead; I was really looking forward to it based off what was shown at E3 2010. Apparently, what is left of Propaganda’s POTC team has now been reassigned to help finish up the Tron: Evolution game, which is still in development by the same studio. Yeah, I’m not nearly as excited for a Tron game as I was a Pirates of the Caribbean game.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: October 15, 2010

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