Prototype "Powers for a day" competition – Winners announced

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The winners for the Alex Mercer Prototype statue have been chosen and for once the choice wasn’t incredibly difficult thanks to Megarom handing over 2 statues to hand out.

A big congratulations to Janrik Oberholzer and Smit Snyman for their 2 unique entries into the competition that you can check after the break.

Thanks once again to Megarom for offering up these awesome prizes and we’ll hopefully have something new for you very soon.

Could the two winners please drop me an email ([email protected]) with your physical address and phone number.

Smit Snyman

If I had the powers of Alex Mercer for 24 hours I would start off by using my absorbtion powers to get close to Angela Merkel where I would absorb her. From this position of power I would start a war with North Korea so that North Korea can nuke Germany which in turn would lead to no more banning of games which means we would get screwed out of content on Xbox Live.

Once this is done I would fight my way through America until I find Bill Gates. I would consume him and as Bill Gates I would force Microsoft to pack up and move offices TO South Africa, making us the primary Xbox Live Region. This will mean we get full Xbox Live support. And just for good measure I would take charge of Telkom ad give everyone unlimited bandwith.

Once all this is done if I have time left I’d roam the seas and destroy the damn pirates that steal our games.

Janrik Oberholzer

I move swiftly from roof top to roof top, a blur against the busy back drop of Cape Town harbor.

I increase my pace and run up the side of the old Absa building, cracks and broken mortar the only evidence I leave in my wake.
I reach the top and glare down at the combined buildings of the old parliament,and the vast army of military protection they have arrayed against me.
The last bastion of Human resistance.
I knew they where expecting me… but they will not be ready for what I bring.
I am death, I am Freedom. I am the organic future of Humanity.

Behind me a huge explosion frames my form against the back ground.
An army infected forms are crawly over the Cape landscape like red foam. Consuming everything they touch.
I will deal with them later.
First the last bastion of Human resistance will fall to me.

I glide down to street level, darting between the shadows and streams of chaos follow my every move.

An APC is rolling down the street. The gunner nervously spraying into the crowds of people trying to get to the perceived safety of the parliament grounds.
They kill their own kind, but then so do I.

Evolution means death. And I plan to evolve beyond what they ever imagined.

The gunner turns his back to me. I slide forward and in a single move consume his form.
The APC commander is demanding a update over the head set.
I slide down into the cabin of the APC.
A few wet sounds and I emerge from the back. I’m dressed now in a Command uniform.

They guards at the gates salute me. I return the favor with the expected arrogance.
Only a few more steps and I’m inside.
Nervous staff are on radios and on phones and computers.

Do they expect the world to help them? When they could not even help themselves?
Do these fools believe this to be a unique event? Do they not know what we are doing all over the planet?

Big muscled guards in cheap black suits block my way. This is where they are all hiding. The fools.
They should have taken the last flight up to the space station when they had the chance.

I flow forward. Weapons of bone and flesh slice though the guards and door behind them.

I flow into the room like the wrath of Nature that I am.

It ends here. Today.

Last Updated: June 18, 2009

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