Prototype: The Sequel?

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Well I may have to mention for the sake of the non-believers but Radical Entertainment proved themselves to be serious competitors as developers for the sandbox genre. In other words, because of the fact they focused gameplay on fun and just plain awesomeness (rather than the typical repetitive missions and rote missions), their latest title, Prototype proved itself even against big ‘hypes’ like inFamous and Red Faction.

Now for those of you that have loved playing as one of our favored sociopaths, Alex Mercer, you may be as stoked as I was to hear that the game’s developer may be working on a sequel. That’s right – according to a profile listing for Malcom Wilson (a Designer at Radical Entertainment) he has been working on an “unannounced project” for at least 6 months.

Wilson was the Mission/Events designer for Prototype and according to web conspiracies, the fact that he used the word ‘project’ instead of ‘IP’ means that instead of being a brand new piece of ‘intellectual property’,the title may actually be a sequel. Another point made was the fact that Prototype was released around May, thus Wilson would have probably completed his role in relation to the game and been able to work on the next title.

The fact that Wilson has the same role on this new project was another ‘brow-raiser’ but the truth is that nothing has been confirmed yet and personally I’d love to see where the awesome story of Alex Mercer may take us… perhaps a movie one day even?… now that just may be above awesome.

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Last Updated: September 4, 2009

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