Prototype's Multiplayer Gets Cut

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Well this is disappointing, Prototype was one of my must have games and it really does look absolutely fantastic, however it is no longer going to be a multi-player or co-op game at all.

According to Radical’s Tim Bennison, the prototype team wouldn’t “be able to pull it off with the same level of quality and polish that we’re aiming for with the original single player story”.

Now co-op games are easily my favourite and taking away that ability from this game is a major disappointment.

Sierra: Prototype’s Multiplayer Gets Cut

Last Updated: March 31, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Naudran

    That sucks. That was the most enjoyable thing in Crackdown.

    I think this is the stupidest thing they could do. Single player can only entertain one as longs as it take one to finish the game… it definitely just went down a few places in my must-buy-list. 🙁

  • Thomeval

    Co-op games are a dying breed it seems… why must this be so? Is this really what the gamers want?

  • OddSockZA

    That’s quite disappointing indeed.
    It’s gone from a “must-have” to being a “wait-and-see”

  • Evert

    Fellow gamers we bowl our heads in disappointment on the announcement that the co-op will no longer be developed.
    The anticipation level dropped a few inches
    Live suck’s man

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