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PS Vita sold less games than hardware in its first week

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If there is one thing that the Xbox 360 dominated in the early months of the release it was it’s software attachment rate. It was something the PS3 got mocked for as a lot of early PS3’s were sold as media players and thus started the meme about the lack of games on the PS3.

Well fast forward to the release of the PS Vita and the first weeks sales aren’t mindblowing. The Vita managed to sell over 325 000 units of hardware but only scraped just over 300 000 software titles.

That’s an attach rate of 0.92 which means that some people, more than likely quite a few, don’t actually have any software on their shiny new PS Vita’s.

It’s slightly less than the 0.95 rate for the 3DS and 1.06 rate of the PSP and let’s not forget that the PS Vita has a digital library as well so that attachment rate could be very different indeed.

I for one don’t understand why you would buy a console with a game but it seems to be the norm and if you add in some digital sales you would likely see that rate top 1.06 and the PSP hasn’t sold badly now has it?

It’s only a few weeks now until the title hits the rest of the world and that’s when we’ll see if Sony are onto a true winner or not, for now though it’s looking positive.

Oh and in other PS Vita news, the 32Gb memory card won’t be available in PAL territories, the decision was made by SCEE and that’s all we know. It’s an odd decision but I guess you could just buy 2 16gb ones?

Last Updated: December 23, 2011

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