PS3 Causing Alone in the Dark Delay?

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This story just gives you everything doesn’t it? Above we have a new video trailer for the upcoming game Alone in the Dark from Atari. Honestly that video reminds me a lot of Bioshock but if it is as good as Bioshock I don’t think you will find many complaints.

Then if you follow the link at the bottom you can go read an interview that Eurogamer has just had with the developers where they talk about the delay and the fact that a lot of the games features have now been done by other titles.

However going back to that delay, Alone in the Dark is being released by Megarom in South Africa. Megarom kindly send me their upcoming release schedules so that I can plan my sick days (Rainbow Six Vegas is going to keep me at home a lot in March)….

Anyway back to the point, in the beginning of last week I received the latest release schedule which was the first time that I saw that Alone in the Dark had been delayed. However it was only the PS3 version that had been moved and the 360 and PC versions still had their original release date.

Then a week later I received a new updated schedule and all of a sudden the 360 and PC versions have been delayed as well.

Which obviously brings up the question about whether or not the PS3 version is delaying the other titles. If the PS3 didn’t have a history of delays then this could easily just be put down to a scheduling mistake but personally I am laying the blame of this delay directly on the PS3’s doorstep.

Alone in the Dark Interview // None /// Eurogamer

Last Updated: January 23, 2008

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