PS3 Fanboys are the worst

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There is nothing more annoying in the gaming world than rabid fanboys.

I am not talking about the people who prefer one system over the other. I am talking about the rabid fools who troll the Internet looking for bad news about the other system and then post meaningless idiotic remarks to try and prove their point. Or the people who just cannot accept that someone might have said something bad about their favourite console.

However there does seem to be a recurring theme between each consoles fanboys… First you get the Wii… They don’t even seem to have fanboys which is great. Then you get the 360 Fanboys who will completely ignore anything good that the PS3 has and will continuously hammer on about the great games the 360 has whilst completely ignoring the problems that it has…

Then you get the PS3 fanboys. Who are a special breed all to themselves.. Not only are they the most vocal they seem to have the lowest intellect of the lot. If I write a story which is against the PS3 or Blu-Ray then I get fantastic comments like

PS3 broke a million in Japan in less than 9 months. You’ve yet to do it in over 2 years! LAWL. Go suck Pete Moore’s rod. Oh wait, he left MS because he’s actually got a brain. Later loser.

And not to be outdone his moronic friend comes along with

Do you think Bill Gates is looking down at you from his castle in heaven? Is he going to give you a medal for making bitchy little comments about Sony. You think people will read this blog and spontaneously converted to your cause? Please, South Africans have more brains than…oh yeah, never mind.

And then the always popular

Haha, XBOX360 fanbois are losers!

I remember in the beginning I used to actually try and address the complaints that the PS3 fanboys had with my article until that is I realised they just want me to praise the PS3 and ignore it’s faults.

It really is a strange world we live in when someone can be so vocal and aggressive about a gaming console that they have no true link to… Now if you have a comment about this article please pass it through a word processor first so that I don’t need to translate from gibbering moronese.

Last Updated: July 29, 2007

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