PS3 Firmware Updated to 3.55

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I love my PS3 to bits, I do..but when it’s update time, either firmware or the games themselves, I’m pretty damned glad I have an Xbox as well. Sure, the newer cumulative update system helps, and I could download the firmware updates via PC (which is much quicker) or I could employ PS3Proxy to do my game updating, but I’m lazy..I want things to just work.

Tonight’s gonna be one of those nights my other consoles will be getting preference, because Sony’s updated the firmware of their black box again, this time bringing its numerical value to 3.55.

List of changes and additions after the jump.

Haha, made you look! There aren’t any significant changes, really. It’s a security update; "this is a minor update that adds a security patch," says Sony, obviously targeting it at you detestable jailbreakers.

The recently released USB-based jailbreak tools allowed people to play copies and backups of Playstation 3 games, until Sony patched it up. Recent improvements to jailbreaking devices re-initiated the cat-and-mouse struggle between hackers and rights holders, and this is Sony’s latest gambit. Whether it’ll lock out pirates for any extended period of time remains to be seen, but I endorse anything that makes it more difficult for dastardly curmudgeons to steal their wares.

Source : PS Blog

Last Updated: December 7, 2010

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