PS3 games to overtake Xbox 360 games

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12 has been speaking to an unnamed developer who had the following to say. Well paraphrased but you get the point.

In the end though, who does our undisclosed developer think will win?  While they gave no time frame for the inevitable victory, they were very clear that they thought the long haul champion would be the PS3 for this round of the overall war.

Why does he says this? Well because according to the developer the PS3’s processor is just better than the 360 and currently since the 360 is easier to develop for and since it has more RAM most games are being developed on the 360 and then ported over to the PS3. A few are developed on the PS3 and then ported over to the 360 because the developers are not using the full potential of the PS3 yet. Once they do, then they won’t be able to port over to the 360 anymore and the games on the PS3 will be superior.

Well that all makes perfect sense except for one major problem. Why would a developer cut out such a large part of the market by making a game which cannot be released on any other platforms except for the smallest install base of the lot?

It would just be more logical to not utilise the full power of the PS3 and then release onto both platforms… No?

Developer: Xbox 360 games keeping up with PS3, but not for long –

Last Updated: September 18, 2007

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