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PS3 hacker opens potential floodgates to homebrew and pirates.

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The beta client for PlayStation Home has been hacked, reports Engadget. Reputed PlayStation 3 hacker “StreetskaterFU” decrypted the code late last week, giving access to those curious or seeking exploits. Though it’s too early to say for sure, possible exploits could allow homebrew applications and game backups to be played off the hard drive without swapping.

Of course, “game backups” are usually a nice way of saying “rampant game piracy,” but again this hack alone doesn’t allow it. Other homebrew developers will have to look inside the code for exploits, which we’re sure they are busy doing right now.

If we look at the DS though, it’s been hacked to hell and it still sells like hotcakes, so I doubt that any hacking of the PS3 would affect console sales, as for games sales that may be a different story.

Source: Engadget

Last Updated: October 28, 2008

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