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PS3 hardware failures ramping up?

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PandaIt’s getting quite difficult to ignore these stories of the PS3’s hardware failures.

When they first started cropping up I was under the impression they were just odd stories here and there showing us that the PS3 isn’t infallible… However these stories are increasing in number quite rapidly now.

Most of them seem to be based around the Blu-Ray laser in the PS3 as well.

Now it doesn’t take to much of a leap to think that maybe this Blu-Ray laser doesn’t have the lifespan that was expected of it, it is brand new technology after all.

I have noticed on our local PS3 forum that there is a much higher number of hardware failures over the past few months (from long lasting members) and now there has even been a petition setup to force Sony to increase the PS3’s warranty for drive failures to three years like Microsoft did with the 360. Granted it has a whopping 68 signatures so I wouldn’t rate its chances…

But the chorus is getting louder… is there a design fault inside the PS3 as well?

Hardware Failure: My PlayStation 2.5

Last Updated: May 13, 2008

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