PS3 hardware failures ramping up?

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PandaIt’s getting quite difficult to ignore these stories of the PS3’s hardware failures.

When they first started cropping up I was under the impression they were just odd stories here and there showing us that the PS3 isn’t infallible… However these stories are increasing in number quite rapidly now.

Most of them seem to be based around the Blu-Ray laser in the PS3 as well.

Now it doesn’t take to much of a leap to think that maybe this Blu-Ray laser doesn’t have the lifespan that was expected of it, it is brand new technology after all.

I have noticed on our local PS3 forum that there is a much higher number of hardware failures over the past few months (from long lasting members) and now there has even been a petition setup to force Sony to increase the PS3’s warranty for drive failures to three years like Microsoft did with the 360. Granted it has a whopping 68 signatures so I wouldn’t rate its chances…

But the chorus is getting louder… is there a design fault inside the PS3 as well?

Hardware Failure: My PlayStation 2.5

Last Updated: May 13, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I said this ages ago. The BluRay drive is not bullet proof. There are definately problems with it and more people are experiencing it.

    RE: Gamer’s last blog post..Kojima Jnr disappointed with Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Fox1

    And most of the PS3’s warranty’s are almost up 😥

  • nothing is bullet proof…

    Evilredzombie’s last blog post..TV on PS3 ?

  • Fox1

    Not even the Wii ❓ :mrgreen:

  • I reckon the 360 fanboys just jizzed their pants.

    Jinja’s last blog post..Vagina Dentata

  • Syph1n

    I work in retail (in a gaming store) and i can confirm all the ps3’s that come back are due to a faulty blu ray lense. (not saying they all come back) just that the ones that do,its the laser.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Are most of them still in their warranty period? Do you know how long the warranty period is? I’m asking because the PS3 is pretty expensive, don’t want one failing on me out of warranty.

  • Syph1n

    warranty period is one year. and all so far have been in warranty. problem is icss has closed down and all repairs go through ster kinekor. It also seems to be a swapout basis. But it take 2-3 weeks for st to do anything. but as i said it is not a common thing.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    thanks for the info Syph1n

  • Syph1n

    no probz

  • bhw

    This is not a problem restricted to consoles it seems most electronics build quality is up to crap these days , every piece of electronic equipment my old man bought in the 70’s is still in perfect working order today. I doubt I have enough fingers to count all the appliances (white and black) that have bought the farm since I started buying them in the mid nineties.

  • Fox1

    My Golden China still works 😀

  • Blu-Ray Laser of Death? BRLD doesnt quite have the same ring to it as RROD. The sony marketing department better get on that.


    RROD’s and BLOT’s, sounds like fun.

  • Fox1

    Why do they call a Blue-Ray Disc BD and not BRD, when a Digital Versatile Disc is called DVD and not DD ❓ 😕

  • Naudran

    Cause Blu-Ray is “one word”, while Digital Versatile is two :mrgreen:

  • j4nrr1k

    I had no idea that the failure rates was this high?

    look at some of the comments here:

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