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Sony have released the latest update for the PS3 through their online system. From today you can now update you system to version 1.7.

This update is mainly to allow you to play your downloadable PS One Titles on the console itself instead of having to use the PSP for this… So how many people are seriously still playing PS1 games?

Anyway the other thing they included is your old PSOne and PS2 controllers will now utilise rumble in the old games…

Wait, what… the PS3 has rumble? Awesome…

Well it nearly has rumble, it will only rumble with the old controllers on the old games but this is fantastic news.

Why? Because Sony said that they have not programmed the PS3 to allow rumble so even if third party manufacturers made a force feedback steering wheel it could not ever work on the PS3. Now we know it can. All the developers have to do is add in some old gen rumble code and we can have force feedback.

Fantastic news, so Sony now can you just please start releasing the SIXAXIS with rumble embedded and replace the controllers already on the market. We need this “last-gen” technology.

Link to PS3 firmware upped to 1.7, issues with playing PS classics on PS3 – Joystiq

Last Updated: April 19, 2007

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