PS3 Local Launch Report

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So as you are all aware the PS3 finally hit our shores last night… I managed to shake off some flu and get out to take some pictures…

All in all it was a very low key affair with very little happening at either of the shops I went to. According to the forums there was a big launch party in Cape Town but alas I am a JHB boy…

Anyway BT Games in Northgate had a nice setup with a 42″ Plasma, Racing Seat and Formula 1 Championship going.

Then there where some monumental PR mistakes made by other shops…

For all those people who don’t know the PS3’s direct competition is the Xbox 360. I thought that was general knowledge but it obviously isn’t as you can see in this picture. You would assume that on the launch of the PS3 they might remove the Xbox 360 marketing boxes, especially the ones right next to the TV running the PS3….

But fear not the other salesman obviously did not feel like being outdone so when he was asked to stack the PS3 boxes what better place to do that that right under the huge shelf of Xbox 360 games… makes sense I guess.. The boxes look quite cool all piled up like that and according to the salesman all of them where sold already. I counted 40 plus 1 spare just in case.. Not bad for a smaller games store really.

And what can be said about that T-Shirt? You take one of the worst lines that ever stumbled out of King Kens mouth, change the wording slightly and plaster it all over your salesman? I don’t know if it was the shops idea or Ster Kinekors or even Sony’s, but either way it was not the smartest thing to do really. The revolution (next-gen) starts when we (the gamers) say it does.

So all in all it was a very quite night, the winner of the BT Games dress up competition came from Durban so I have no pictures for you. I will see if someone else does…

Last Updated: March 23, 2007

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