PS3 loses to the Xbox 360… again. So who's at fault?

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It’s quite tough to type while climbing into my flamesuit, I mean, I only have two hands… but I find that it’s always better to suit up in situations like this. Be safe, you know?

*zzziiip* Right, so the suit is finally on.

Why am I putting my suit on? Well, it’s because I feel the need to throw some stones at the PS3 again. So what has Sony done to deserve a stoning? The truth is that they have done nothing and that’s the problem.

As you all know, the Eurogamer head to head comparisons have become pretty infamous for putting the Xbox 360 ahead of the PS3 pretty much every time. The thing is that they aren’t staring at two screenshots and throwing their opinions around based on what they see with their own eyes. They use pretty advanced equipment to run their tests, so the results are pretty solid.

So what does round 13 have to report? Well, the same thing that it has been reporting for a while. The PS3 is still playing catch up with the Xbox 360. How is it that a machine capable of producing games like MGS4 and GT: Prologue is still losing to the 360 every time?

I blame Sony.

You would think by now that Sony would be putting more pressure on third party developers to ensure that the PS3 versions of cross platform games keep up or surpass the quality of the Xbox 360 versions. Reading through the article from Eurogamer it becomes evident that the Xbox 360 is still leading and even though the PS3 comes close in a few situations, its still the one coming in second.

Why hasn’t Sony done something about this. You could assume that they have, but that would be saying that it’s just the PS3 that isn’t good enough to pull the same magic tricks and we wouldn’t want to do that now would we?

What is going on at the Sony HQ? Are they still so smug about the success of the PS2 that they have completely forgotten that if they don’t start doing something about the PS3 then it is will land up playing second fiddle to the Xbox 360 in the long run?

Microsoft is constantly bringing the price of the Xbox 360 down, Blu Ray players will eventually become as affordable as a DVD player are now and there are articles flying around the net that the Xbox 360 is outperforming the PS3 on almost every head to head comparison. Do I even need to bring Nintendo’s world domination into this as well? Home better be as good as they say it is.

Sony better kick into gear, they are hoping to keep the PS3 in play for a long time to come and it isn’t going to help them if the Xbox 360 takes over from the PS2 as the cheap, affordable console with tons of games and then still releases a monster next-gen console in a few years as well.

I think that Sony has become way too comfortable and arrogant because of the PS2’s success, so much so that they have forgotten to take a real good look ahead.

Eurogamer Comparison – Round 13

Last Updated: July 30, 2008

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