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PS3 needs R2000 price cut to recover

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Yay yet another analyst has come out and given his opinion on the next gen console wars… But wait, this guy is from the World Bank of America.. That worldly renowned techinical place? umm yeah.. anyway

Back to the point he thinks the PS3 will need at least a $200 price cut if it is to compete against the Wii. Like I said that world renowned technical company. Anyway he waffles on a bit about how much Sony are losing and how well the Wii is doing but strangely enough he never mentions the Xbox 360?

He also goes on to say how the Wii is hurting the industry because Sony and 3rd party developers have pumped so much money into next gen graphics and since the Wii doesn’t do next gen that money is wasted… Also Nintendo don’t play nice with 3rd party developers which will hurt the industry…

Again no mention of the Xbox 360 which has sold over 10 million units and plays very nicely with 3rd party developers and has next gen graphics and AI…

So to summarise…. he’s a twit 🙂

Link to Analyst says PS3 needs $200 price cut to recover – Joystiq

Last Updated: May 25, 2007

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