PS3 Orange box delayed yet again?

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We all knew that PS3 version of Half Life 2 – Orange Box had been delayed. According to the developers the delay was expected to be 2-3 weeks. However this delay seems to be expanding yet again. In a recent flyer being displayed on Valves website you can pre-order the PC or 360 version but there has been no mention of the PS3 version at all.

Gamestop has the PS3 version listed for the 11th of December, which is a lot more than 3 weeks after the 360’s release date of the 9th of October.

So do you think they will make the Christmas season or do you think the developers comments are going to be ringing in the PS3’s ears all Christmas.?

We weren?t going to hold up PC and 360 for PS3, so this will be released about two or three weeks later

onAXIS: How Long Is the PLAYSTATION 3 Orange Box Delayed?

Last Updated: October 8, 2007

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