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PS3 PAL Launch Wrap Up

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So the PS3 was finally released to the PAL territories last week Thursday. So what are the websites saying about the PAL Launch then?

The most suprising thing for me was the fact that some Italian stores started selling the PS3 before Friday the 23rd against orders from Sony. I am sure Sony has not taken kindly to that but really what can they actually do about it? The biggest losers from this would be the small speciality stores who had to wait for Friday when all the Italians who wanted a PS3 had one…

Moving on, Sony gave away 125 26″ Bravia’s to the guys standing in line to buy a PS3 at the official PS3 UK launch and Virgin Megastore in Oxford street. I think it was a very nice move by Sony but they have been getting some internet lashes over that one with HMV calling it “unnecessary” and a last minute PR stunt. Free TV’s a PR stunt? Never 🙂

Australia’s official launch was a complete joke with customers being outnumbered by media and Sony officials. To make things worse the DJ’s on duty where forced to play some cheering sound bites to make it sound exciting on TV… ouch

Phil Harrison was kind enough to say Europe was the most important continent… Why then 4 months late Phil?

GAME has reported that the PS3 is selling better at launch than the 360. This could be down to the vast amount of stock available though since the 360 sold out very quickly.

Back here in South Africa our launch was a very low key affair which hardly made any impact in the local media.

I don’t think anyone really knows who will win this round until after xmas this year. Sony has been receiving a real media thrashing over the past few months and now is the time to see if they can put their games where their mouth is….

Last Updated: March 26, 2007

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