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PS3 site pwned by Microsoft

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There really isn’t any mature way to put this so we are going to retreat back to fanboy name calling to make the point.

“lol PS3 fansite fail”

Okay let’s get back to being moderately serious now. There has been quite a bit said recently about Microsoft’s marketing budget and how the Final Fantasy XIII marketing campaign seems to be entirely powered by the Microsoft war chest.

Well it appears to be absolutely true, PSU (Playstation UnlimitedUniverse) is one of the biggest PS dedicated fan sites in the world and seeing it skinned with Final Fantasy XIII is no surprise, however seeing it only advertising the Xbox 360 version is pretty surprising.


Honestly this is pretty depressing for PSU, I realise we all need money to keep the sites going but if you are a dedicated Playstation website you really shouldn’t be accepting advertising for the main competitor to your favoured console.

Source: PSU & uffsite

Last Updated: February 16, 2010

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