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PS3 sold well in Europe but will still miss its targets

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Bloomberg has a nice write up of the PS3’s current fortunes which includes some very interesting news in it.

Starting off with that great PS3 sales in Europe over the festive season, they managed to sell just over 1.2 million units which is inline with the US sales. How the Xbox 360 would love to be able to see that many in Europe as well.

However they are still expected to miss their yearly target by 27% and only move 8 million consoles. They had predicted 11 million and the 360 is expected to sell 9.1 million.

Sony is also expected to make a $158 million loss this financial year which is one of the reasons why they are really trying to move more software units as well.

Kazuo Hirai the president of the gaming division however has some new insights into the PS3’s strategy. On backwards compatibility (or lack of it) he has the following to say.

We want to promote games only available for PlayStation 3

And on the fact that they never had a hope of selling 11 million units

“We haven’t made any conclusion whether we have to give it up,” Hirai said, referring to this fiscal year’s 11 million shipment target. “It depends on how aggressively dealers buy our PS3 inventory.”

Anyone spot the buck?


Bloomberg.com: Technology

Last Updated: January 22, 2008

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