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PS3 total sales to overtake 360 in 2009

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Stuck in 3rdDFC Intelligence has put together their latest report on the state of the gaming nation and things have changed in the last year..

Around a year ago they published their analysis and were very hesitant to say that the PS3 would ever be able to overtake the 360 and even come close to the Wii, however this year they are a lot more bullish and now expect the PS3 to overtake the 360 in 2009 and give the Wii a strong challenge for first before 2011…

Honestly I think they are being overly optimistic about pushing the Wii ever….. but with the current sales it is possible that they will overtake the 360 next year, but I doubt it.. MGS4 is going to give the PS3 a huge boost and so with LBP, but after that it is looking a little slack and with the 360 having a substantial lead already I don’t see them overtaking until 2010/2011.

One thing we do agree on however is that the install base of all three consoles is going to be substantial this time around.

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Last Updated: May 30, 2008

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