PS3 Version of Black Ops Showing Xbox Messages?

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PS3 (and Pc gamers) feeling disenfranchised by poor support of the latest Call of Duty on their preferred platforms may have cause for their consternation. Though many of the PS3 version’s issues have been fixed with the new 1.06 patch, it has highlighted some seemingly sloppy copy/paste coding on the part of developers Treyarch.

According to user tben on the Official Black Ops forums, the latest patch has the unintended side-effect of throwing up a message related to Xbox Live. On the PS3.

Apparently when searching for a S&D game after utilising the latest patch, a message on the screen says “No Xbox Live Party Chat.” It’s either an underhanded jibe at the fact that PSN doesn’t have cross-game chat, or an example of replicated code.

If ever there was any doubt that the Xbox 360 was the lead platform for Black Ops, then that has surely been eradicated. That’s cool, lead on whichever platform you feel most comfortable with. What you shouldn’t do though is put poor ports out at retail and then patch them up with copy/pasted code.

Sure, the Xbox 360 version may sell significantly more copies in the USA, but PS3 gamers the world round deserve better.

To be fair to Treyarch though, and in particular multiplayer designer David Vonderhaar, the developer has been listening to community feedback and doing their best to implement necessary changes.

Image and Source : Ripten

Last Updated: January 26, 2011

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