PS3: What stays and what goes in the next change?

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Joystiq has a nice little feature about the changes that the PS3 has already gone through and what they expect to come in the near future….

No suprises that they expect rumble to be implemented soon and along with that 80Gb getting released in the rest of the world..

What is immensly suprising though is the number of changes that the PS3 has already undergone less than 6 months into it’s life cycle

1. 20Gb model dropped
2. BC changed from Hardware to Software
3. Price drop in Japan before launch
4. Online capabilities are changing on a daily basis…

It all points to Sony not having a proper plan when the system was released, the accusations of arrogance where everywhere before the release. Hopefully all these changes point to Sony bowing down to consumers and doing as they are told instead of telling us what we want.

Link to The changing state of the PS3: What stays and what goes? – Joystiq

Last Updated: May 22, 2007

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