PS3's breaks the 1 million mark in PAL territories

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David Reeves the CEO of Sony Europe has announced that Sony have managed to sell over a million units now in PAL territories…

This has taken them 9 1/2 weeks which is faster than the PS2 or PS1 and is not a bad movie either 🙂

The UK has contributed 25% of that total and the other 106 territories have contributed the rest. 

Also this time we launched into our distributor territories, such as the Middle East and Eastern Europe. And that’s give us quite a boost. Russia too. And we’ve found it’s given us quite a boost in those markets, not only on hardware but software as well. The Middle East and Russia are quite a lucrative markets, with a lot of wealthy people there.

This little bit was interesting to me as I didn’t know they didn’t release the PS2 into the Middle East or Russia officially… I positively feel first world in South Africa now 🙂

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Last Updated: June 8, 2007

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