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PS3's Cell beaten by a 1.6 Mac – Ouch

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It seems the Cell processor is not all Sony have made it out to be…

The guys over at Primate Labs have been putting it through it’s paces and it has come up quite short… 

It’s clear that the Cell processor isn’t all that impressive as a general-purpose CPU; if it’s not executing code designed to run on the Cell processor, it’s generally slower than a PowerPC G5 @ 1.6GHz (the baseline processor for Geekbench).

What remains to be seen is how the Playstation 3 performs when running code designed for the Cell processor; over the next few months I’m hoping to add Cell-specific optimizations to Geekbench that will exploit all the potential the Cell processor has to offer.

Now before everyone screams “Yes but it wasn’t optimised for the cell”, try remember that most development houses are now making the games for the 360 and porting to the PS3. Do you really think they are going to spend to much  time optimising it? Ever wondered why the 360 has won every single game comparison?

So linux on the PS3 maybe wasn’t the best idea Sony?

Source: Primate Labs Blog : Playstation 3 Performance (May 2007)

Last Updated: May 24, 2007

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