PS3’s fatally flawed?

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It’s not often that PS3 are linked to engineering faults but there could be a seedy disaster just waiting to hit the PS3’s which are currently on the market.

And it’s not even Sony’s fault or anything they could have foreseen.

There is an Internet rumour that is starting to gain traction about a possible engineering fault in all NVidia GPU’s… you know that company that provides the PS3 with it’s RSX GPU?

Well according to The Inquirer NVidia are currently trying to hide the fact that a large majority of their current generation and previous generation chipsets are fatally flawed.

At the moment NVidia are completely denying that any problem exists but the hardware manufacturers (Dell, Apple, HP etc) are starting to get a little upset with the amount of comebacks they are getting and have now started to offer extended warranties on all machines with NVidia chipsets… You can bet they aren’t going to accept the costs on themselves either.

Again this is a rumour but if the problem is as widespread as it appears it is not at all unbelievable to see it affecting the PS3, especially the newer releases of the hardware.

If the problem is as big as The Inquirer is suggesting then we could be seeing the end of NVidia as we know it… they can’t afford the sort of hit that Microsoft took on their fault hardware…

Source: TheInquirer

[Thanks Ewie for the tip]

Last Updated: August 14, 2008

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