PS3's major announcement dissapoints

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So the world changing, ground breaking, next gen war winning announcement was… A game.

Well done Sony, after the completely idiotic build up to the latest release of Pac-Man by Microsoft you managed to repeat their mistake without a second thought. Actually maybe yours was worse since “The Agency” is only a console exclusive while the new Pac-Man is a real exclusive…. joy.

One thing for Sony though at least they announced an interesting title.

What Microsoft and Sony need to understand however is that they have made gaming consoles first and home entertainment hubs second. In this age where we expect out next-gen consoles to be media hubs, internet browsers and scientific researchers you must not forget that they are first and foremost gaming consoles. And releasing a game on a gaming console is not world breaking news…

So now we sit back and watch to see if Nintendo plan to join this idiot party as well….

Oh is it only me or does The Agency look very much last gen to you to?

Check the trailer after the jump

Last Updated: June 12, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • scotty777

    well it appears as though Sony are going against there tradition of making a console, market it more then anything else, and getting huge sales. now they’ve gone with the whole “lets make a console that no one can buy-ha ha” technique. lord, i mean i love my ps3 to bits, but i can’t play the frakin thing if there’s no games i like. So i guess if sony does get a game, they gonna rant and rave all they can.

    With regards to games, i’m pretty much waiting for -The Darkness, Assassin’s Creed, UT3, then it’s the next year. Oh the darkness will be arriving at the end of June, and i’ll give you a recommendation to this game(if you over 17, as the more violence the man hunt) to every one with a “walk in and shoot the sh!t out of people” game play style. Every evil game, and you kill every one, and there’s a like surprise thing at the end, and it to is like immortal.

    Back to sony, i mean they now how to build things, but why oh why did they go such a different route this time, i mean what worked for the psx and the ps2 surely would work with the ps3. i mean seriously, there plan with the ps2 was to release there console before the other’s eg:before xbox and gcube. but nooo… the decide to release it way after the other consoles… BASTEREDS

  • Misterhon

    So now you start to bash sony.. but sony did not do the hyping.. it was SOE is just publishing a game.. they aren’t screaming “We’ve got the best game in gaming history” besides u haven’t even seen the game running on a playstation 3.. how do u know the game is “last gen” This article is plain *********

  • The new footage they released was real time footage.

  • please get your facts right sony at no time declared they had a major announcement it was a website please if you want too remain in this business post facts not fiction

  • LazySAGamer

    Scotty it’s sad to see you are losing your love for the PS3…. why the huge change?

    Misterhorn and Kiaan, the major announcement was syndicated by hundreds of websites and Sony did not feel the need to calm it down. Thus it’s now Sony’s fault.

    The trailer is available online at YouTube now so I have embedded it above. Yes I realise the quality of YouTube sucks but that doesn’t excuse the entire trailer.

    I see no one picked up on me bashing Microsoft for their shoddy announcement either?

    Oh and kiaan, this ain’t a business it’s a hobby ๐Ÿ™‚

  • HungryHooligan

    Just admit it sony is @$%#ing up big time. Im still going to get one in 2010 when they have games!

  • scotty777

    ya… sorry, i mean, by 2010 the ps3 will win, no if buts or maybes. i’m more pissed off at the game makers then anything else. i mean the ass munchers have now gone bi-console and there’s no exclusives. as for games it’s just hopeless saying”oooo… look the xbox had more games, sony blows” where as the xbox360 has been out for, um 1.5 years! of coarse it’s gonna have more games! the ps3 is still gathering games and will soon have something worth showing.

    And right now, i’m broke so play resistance online is all the gaming i need…

    Over all ps3 IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER THEN THE XBOX!!! (not to piss on the xbox fans grave) when it gets to next year the ps3 will have better support, game makers will actually make games for ps3 and not port them from xbox

  • Ruslan

    lol… not getting tired of one great PS3 game as yet? Dang, you guys are unlucky… now off i got to drive around in Forza 2 if you may excuse me. Have to enjoy it before +5 more great games come out on the X360 in the next 3 months.

  • HungryHooligan

    @ scotty sorry to p%^s on your battery but the reason why they dont have games is there own fault….wait for it dun dun dun and the drum role please there cell and spu system! dont get me wrong they Xbox is absolutly rubbush when it comes to hardware quality but………. it has games!

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