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PS3's major announcement dissapoints

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So the world changing, ground breaking, next gen war winning announcement was… A game.

Well done Sony, after the completely idiotic build up to the latest release of Pac-Man by Microsoft you managed to repeat their mistake without a second thought. Actually maybe yours was worse since “The Agency” is only a console exclusive while the new Pac-Man is a real exclusive…. joy.

One thing for Sony though at least they announced an interesting title.

What Microsoft and Sony need to understand however is that they have made gaming consoles first and home entertainment hubs second. In this age where we expect out next-gen consoles to be media hubs, internet browsers and scientific researchers you must not forget that they are first and foremost gaming consoles. And releasing a game on a gaming console is not world breaking news…

So now we sit back and watch to see if Nintendo plan to join this idiot party as well….

Oh is it only me or does The Agency look very much last gen to you to?

Check the trailer after the jump

Last Updated: June 12, 2007

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