PS4 to release locally this year with no region locking

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We’re still trying to get official confirmation but right now it very much looks like the PlayStation 4 will release locally this year in South Africa and that it will have no region locking on the console.

The first rumour comes from informal conversations with PlayStation employees and retail, not to mention that the PlayStation boss himself declared a worldwide release in November this year.

PlayStation has always been well supported in South Africa and as we have PR confirmation that the console will not be region locked there is no reason at all why at least a limited supply of PlayStation 4’s will land locally before Christmas.

I know I’ll be putting down my pre-order as soon as the retailers start accepting them. Expect a local release price of around R5500 that will obviously drop in the 2015 holiday season. Not that I could possibly wait a year just to save R1000.

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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