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PS4 Update 8.0 appears to have broken friends lists with Error WS-44369-6

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Whenever Sony has popped a new update into the PS4, it has been done to make the system more s-s-s-s-s-stable. At this point, the system should have enough stability to safely balance a jar of nitro-glycerine during a 10.0 earthquake, after years of updates. The latest of those tweaks is now live, but you might want to hold off on grabbing it in case you happen to be a social gamer.

What started with a report on reddit, has seen numerous PS4 owners finding out that they can’t access their friends list. That means no quick glimpses into what their pals are doing, no hopping in to a game that they’re playing or any of that social networking. I tried it out myself, and lo and behold, I too was met with an infinite loading screen and an error message:

PS4 error

What is Error WS-44369-6?

Nobody knows! I tried searching online for it, but I’ll probably find effective homeopathic remedies before Sony reveals what Error WS-44369-6 is and why I can’t find any of my friends. The rest of your PlayStation services will still run, but there’s no word yet on if there’s a fix on the horizon for this unstable snafu from Sony.

We’ll update this post, as soon as we hear more.

Last Updated: October 14, 2020

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