Alright Dota 2 fans, awesome news! The amazing folks at Megarom have secured a serious celeb at rAge – I am actually bouncing as I write this. Dendi is coming!

That’s right – check out the confirmation tweet from Megarom:

He’s not just attending – he will be at the SteelSeries stand where people can get photos and signing with him. He better be prepared for the serious fangirls and boys who will be drooling all over him. According to the press release from Megarom:

Dendi will be on a tight schedule at the show for various activities including signings, photos and stage presentations. Megarom will reveal the schedule closer to the time. BT Games will also be stocking Na’Vi SteelSeries Products for purchase.

I think I’ll have to shell out for some Na’Vi SteelSeries just so he can sign it. Or maybe he can sign my body. Are you psyched for his arrival? Prepared to death match everyone for a spot at the front of the queue?

Last Updated: September 25, 2013

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