PSA: Pick up some Good Old Games for cheap!

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GOG has kicked off their summer sale.  Actually, to be precise, they have kicked off their 2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale and it has some ridiculous bundles and offers.

For the D&D fans, you can grab Planescape:Tormet, Baldur’s Gate (1+2), Icewind Dale (1+2), Neverwinter Nights (1+2), Temple of Elemental Evil, Demon Stone and Dragonshard all for $21.10, which is 80% normal prices.  You can pick up the original Dungeon Keeper, or Dungeon Keeper 2 for $2.99, too.  Oh, and Torchlight is free.  But there’s a time limit for this sale, so check it out now.

So, if there are any games you heard good things about but never actually got around to playing, this might be your opportunity.  Get ’em while they’re hot.  Well, actually these games are old and probably sorta cold, but they’re still selling like hot cakes!

Last Updated: June 19, 2013

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