PSA: Prepare for PSN downtime

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It’s a bit of a catch-22 – we get upset when things don’t work, but it’s equally irritating when servers are down for maintenance.  So, prepare yourselves to do without aspects of the PSN for a whole 6.5 hours.  What truly sucks is that the time difference is not in our favor.

The maintenance will run 25 June from 9:30am California time through till 4pm.  Considering time differences, this means that from 6:30pm until 1am there will be limited access.  In their statement, they explain:

The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will not be available during the maintenance period but you will be able to access online play and apps provided that you have signed in to the Network at some point between now and the time of the maintenance. So please be sure to sign in now if you wish to access the PlayStation Network during Tuesday’s maintenance window. 

So, sign in just in case so that you can be assured of Netflix access.  Oh, and Sony apologizes for any inconvenience.  It’s fine Sony, at least you’re maintaining your servers.  Always a good thing to do.  We’ll just play our games offline, or make eye contact with family members.

Last Updated: June 25, 2013

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