PSA: PSN is down – Error NW-31201-7

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If you were wondering what your R749 per annum was good for, there’s games. There’s also that fact that the PSN is going down more than a cheap rent boy. It’s down again, throwing up an error for many users.

If you’re bunking work or school to get in some more Destiny grinding, you might be disappointed to be hit instead with an error.

Many are, instead of joy, finding that they “cannot connect to the server” and being met with this error code: NW-31201-7.  I’ve just tried to connect using my PS4, PS3 and Vita. I’ve managed to sign in on PS3, but can’t access the store. PS4 multiplayer is, right now, not working.

When this happened on the PS3, it was fine – it was a free service afterall. Now that we’re paying a premium – and its quite a premium – we expect better.

According to Sony’s own network service status, everything is performing as it should, but that’s very much a bunch of lies.

It’s not scheduled maintenance, and could be more DDoS nonsense from those Lizard Squad script kiddies hacker types.

Last Updated: October 2, 2014

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