PSA: Win a 40" LED 3D TV from Xbox and World of Tanks

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Samsung led WoT

I know you’re all suckers for competitions. There’s nothing like free stuff to make us happy, and there’s a competition that I wish I could take part in, too. Alas, I have integrity and don’t feel it’s appropriate, but man, I wish I could get this fancy shmancy new TV.

Celebrating the release of World of Tanks on Xbox 360, Xbox South Africa is hosting a competition for all consumers in SA, giving away a grand prize of a 40″ Samsung LED 3D TV. The contest runs until 21 March 2014. All you need to do is answer their daily questions to gain entry – multiple entries are allowed so you’re encouraged to enter every day. Plus, daily prizes will be given out of R100 Xbox Live currency cards – even if you don’t win the TV, you can still get something just from answering questions.

Ready to win? Head on over to the competition website and answer the question to enter.

These Samsung TVs are pretty – this one is a series 6 which means it uses the Smart Hub. That’s right, you can talk to the TV, use it for internet browsing and YouTube and even get apps for it (like Netflix). Plus, it has four HDMI ports. Also, it’s ridiculously pretty. You can read all about it, if you’re so inclined.

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I want one of these TVs. I think it’s time to upgrade my TV – it only has two HDMI ports, not nearly enough for all my toys. Considering the consoles that I still need to get, I suppose I’ll need something like this so that I can keep everything plugged in all the time. No wait, I need at least five ports. I, like the rest of the market, almost forgot about my Wii U.

Last Updated: March 11, 2014

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