PSN Terms and Conditions Changed – Gamesharing affected

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One of my favourite things about the PSN (Because yes, there ARE actually things I like about it) is Gamesharing. Slightly dubious – and not exactly endorsed by Sony is a feature that allows you to share PSN downloaded games with up to 4 friends. To be more correct I should says “used to allow you,” as Sony’s new PSN terms and conditions are making a few changes to the way Gamesharing works.

Previously, a single PSN account could be activated on up to 5 PS3’s – but that limit has been reduced to 3. As a result, PSN content can now only be shared amongst three machines, but it gets worse…

According to the new Terms of Service :

“Network Content, can only be accessed by one activated PlayStation®3 system per day and only by the account through which the Network Content was purchased. Network Content cannot be used on two different PlayStation®3 systems within a twenty-four (24) hour period.”

Looking at that wording, it seems like the era of Gamesharing may be coming to an end, at least where multiplayer is concerned – groups of friends can  no longer chip in to buy multiplayer PSN games to play together.

Interestingly, this seems to only affect European users at the moment – The new clauses are missing from the US terms of service. The South African Terms of Service page throws up a 404 error, but Google’s cache (From November 19) shows that very same 3 user limit, with a 24 hour period between use on different machines.

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Have any of you noticed any changes in Gamesharing? Is everything working just fine, with the new wording just to cover Sony’s ass? Let us know!

Source : HaxNetwork

Last Updated: November 25, 2009

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