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PSP Go Hacked… Already

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It’s a sight that will have the Sony engineers scrambling for an answer before the executives see it. Piracy has been probably the biggest reason for the PSP’s meagre software sales and is something that Sony has put a lot of effort into resolving.

As anyone who has ever met me will be able to attest to, I passionately despise piracy and have no time for it’s supporters or bizarre apologists so this is not something that fills me with joy.

Thankfully the guy who created this hack is not going to be releasing it and right now it won’t allow you to change the firmware of the PSP Go, but the things only been out for a couple of days and if it’s been cracked already there is no way it’s going to stand up to the constant onslaught of the pirates.

It does amaze me however that the PS3 is the only unhacked console around while it’s little sister is being so badly abused on a daily basis. Is it really just the Blu-Ray drive that stops the PS3 from also being a pirates haven?

Source: Exophase

Last Updated: October 5, 2009


  1. Super_Bonk

    October 5, 2009 at 14:14

    It’s a combination of several factors that is making soft/mod of the ps3 difficult. The 7 cell plays it’s part but also blu ray. Anyways I don’t think the ps3 will be hacked any time soon (yay). Just too many complicated bits that needs exploiting. No access to RSX/split memory/ boot up sequences etc. and i guess with the new slim taking away the option of installing linux, sony’s blocking that route..


  2. spl0it

    October 5, 2009 at 15:30

    If the PS3 was the only current gen console then it would have been haxxored a long time ago


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