PSPGo is coming to South Africa

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Last Friday I had the pleasure of chatting to Michael Bender, Group Marketing Director of SterKinekor Entertainment, about a number of things including the availability of the PSPGo locally.

With the PSPGo’s focus on digital distribution and our insanely high cost of bandwidth in South Africa I wasn’t so sure that we would even see the new slide screen PSPGo anytime soon.

However Michael has confirmed that the first batch has already landed on our sunny shores and will be going up for sale in just a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately he wasn’t as open about exactly when they would hit retail shelves or the costs involved but at least we know it’s coming… and soon.

We’ll do our very best to get our grubby paws on one as soon as possible and let you know how it feels.

In slightly related news,


Uno has just been announced for the PSPGo which is possibly the tipping point I needed to convince the wife/accountant that I desperately need one of these… Or two actually as you can play mutiplayer over it’s built in WiFi… awesome.

Last Updated: August 31, 2009

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