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PSVR 2 only arriving in the 2022 holiday season according to new report

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Sony’s next-gen virtually real headset is coming, and that’s a known fact thanks to the company being surprisingly open about the existence of it. As for when it’ll be coming? That’s the part where Sony says ‘hey look over there’ and hoofs it out the nearest weekend during this brief window of opportunity. Like most high-end technological devices, there’s going to be a bit of a wait for the products to arrive and according to a new Bloomberg report it sounds like Sony is targeting the 2022 holiday season for the release of PSVR2.

The report also claims that that the headset will continue to use Samsung’s OLED panels, even though other virtual reality brands favour LCD panels for cutting down on production costs while offering better picture quality at higher refresh rates. Sony’s take on the hardware is rumoured to have 4K panels and foveated rendering, as well as inside-out tracking that can be used to find controllers without needing to plug in external sensors.

A holiday season release makes sense, considering the current world climate and the ongoing shortage of crucial parts in the technology sector. That gives Sony time to get enough stock of what will presumably be a hot-ticket item into stores, while also making certain that it has a number of newer games available on launch day.

It’s also good news for anyone who wants to try out PSVR but has been hesitant due to a fear of the current hardware becoming obsolescent ahead of PSVR2’s launch. Pricing on the current headset has eased off quite a bit in recent months, and having a lengthy wait until the next wait until the successor arrives means that you can at least try out the technology at a more affordable entry-point, especially with a number of new VR titles coming out this month such as Fracked, Zenith, and After The Fall.

Last Updated: June 17, 2021

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