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PSVR showcase reveals frigid zombies, fracking action, and more Doom

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Sony has a brand new virtual reality headset on the way next year for the PS5, but until it arrives there’s more than enough time and games to experience on the current PSVR hardware. In fact, there are half a dozen games on the horizon as the PS Blog unveiled its 2021 slate of VR games to cast thine peepers towards. Here’s a round-up of everything that was announced yesterday:

Doom 3 VR Edition

There’s a whole lot of Doom in the world currently, and some of it is actually worth looking forward to! Doom 3, ye olde classic spooky Doom that made you feel like a far more fragile slab of meat, is back yet again. A full VR conversion of the original game, you’ll still be exploring a Mars facility that has been overrun with demons, but on the plus side you can now do a quick 180-degree spin when you hear creepy noises behind you. Just like Geoff, when he feels a cold chill down his spine before I come visit him.

Song in the Smoke

A survival game from the studio behind Galak-Z, the focus here is not only on staying alive a night longer but also feeling every action you make. It could be something as simple as striking rocks together to start a fire or pulling back on a bowstring before you let an arrow fly, but Song in the Smoke wants you to be ready for the horrors that lie beyond your camp.


Residents of Karoo towns will probably dig this, as you’ll be working your way through a mountain fracking facility that has been taken over by an army of gun-wielding, interdimensional maniacs known as the titular Fracked. The game has some solid pedigree powering it, as the team behind the solid Phantom: Covert Ops has produced a game that seamlessly combines fast paced, 1:1 run and cover gunplay with exhilarating free running, skiing and climbing.

I Expect You to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar

Are you a fan of James Bond-style deathtraps where the odds are slim and survival lies in an unlikely escape route? Then buckle up and prepare to telekinetically manipulate objects once again as you keep track of resources that can help you escape the most dastardly of deadly rooms. And this time, you can even learn more about the nefarious Zoraxis organisation that’s trying to force you into a lethally early retirement.


Friends, I hear you. You want anime, a huge world to explore, and MMORPG gameplay. What you basically want is to live through Sword Art Online and while I can’t give you that, I can give you Zenith. An ambitious slice of exploration and freedom, Zenith initially appeared as a Kickstarter project that quickly saw interest from fans looking to escape to a new world. A few years later, and this impressive-looking game is ready to take its next big step with its upcoming closed alpha.

After the Fall

From the team that brought you Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall is an epic VR action FPS with intense 4-player co-op gameplay at its core. Team up with friends across platforms, venture out into a post-apocalyptic VR world and take on huge hordes and ferocious, towering snowbreed in a raging fight for survival.

Last Updated: March 4, 2021

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