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A lot of people have been posting some interestingly defensive and angry comments about Fridays article titled “Certainly, for PlayStation 3 owners, there’s absolutely nothing here that makes you feel good about owning the console.”

I understand what everyone is getting at, but it’s all because people are trying so hard to defend their choice of console, that no one realises the point that is being made.

I’m not saying the 360 is better (RROD’s and disc read issues do more than their fair share of dealing out headaches to 360 owners), Im not saying the PS3 sucks, what I am saying is that it is getting put in second place so often that you have to feel some sort of disappointment with the quality of third party games. People who read this article just want to scream “fanboy” and sound off about the 360’s faults straight away, no one seems to take the time to try and understand it. It’s not about the hardware…

It does suck to know that you could be getting the best of the best, but instead, a lot of companies are merely porting over the games and not spending any extra time to ensure a completely high quality product. GTA IV is a prime example of how it should be done, the 360 was the lead developement platform, but the PS3 version is said to not only look better, but run slightly smoother too. Why? because Rockstar actually gives a sh#t. If you want a reverse example, take a look at Burnout Paradise, 360 version was ported beautifully, thanks to Criterion’s efforts.

I’m tired of people crying “fanboy” over this article when no one takes a moment to realise that if anything, Im saying that the PS3 has the ability to be even better, especially when it comes to third party games. If visuals the likes of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo 5 are being produced on the PS3, then there is no excuse.

“How many times are PS3 owners going to accept second best after paying nearly double the price?” – read this line again and try and understand what I’m getting at.

How much longer are you as a paying customer of Sony going to accept that Sony isn’t doing anything about the dodgy ports.

A recent comment stated that “it doesn’t take long before you realize which one feels like it *should* be half the price of the other and that is why I would gladly pay the premium again.” – Think about that the next time you aggressively shoot down xbox live for not being offered as a free service. People need to stop being so defensive about their consoles, if you bought it and you love it, that’s more than enough.

I would appreciate it if people stopped bashing all the hard work that Lazygamer has put into this site because they didn’t understand the point of this article. I’m not biased, neither is the site, I’m looking at what’s happening out there. Just because this article looks at an issue with the PS3, doesn’t give anyone the right to try and label it a fanboy site.

When we posted an article about a 360 burning a house down, I don’ t recall anyone calling us a PS3 fanboy site.

Last Updated: April 29, 2008

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