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QuakeCon 2020 is coming to your home in August

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Down but definitely not out! This year’s annual QuakeCon may be a write-off in terms of the traditional weekend convention wherein thousands of bodies share a single floorspace as they reminisce about that time when they scored a perfect rocket jump and railgun headshot combo back in the day, but QuakeCon will live on…in your home.

Don’t worry! There won’t be a mass exodus towards your home where you definitely won’t have enough chairs to seat everyone, as QuakeCon at Home will kick off a weekend of reveals, live streams and tournament action in the online space. Marking 25 years of Id Software celebrations, the big draw to this event will be a massive online tournament that will be broadcast through Twitch, with a Global Super Stream detailing other community initiatives. Such as the adorable fundraising for really good doggos.

“The 25th Annual QuakeCon will be the very first QuakeCon held remotely, but that won’t stop us from getting together to frag with friends, bond over video games, and raise money to do good in the world … just like always,” QuakeCon’s organisers said in a brief blog post.

This year, due to COVID-19, QuakeCon at Home will be a global, totally online event – kicking off August 7 and ending August 9 – filled with round-the clock programming with special influencer streams, tournaments, surprises, and our very own Bethesda Community teams from around the globe.

On the game reveals front, the biggest gun in QuakeCon’s arsenal is DOOM Eternal. The main campaign for the deliciously violent game may be over, but there’s still a series of story expansions that players are hungry for which DOOM Eternal’s season pass promised. On top of that, Battle Mode continues to be a ripper of a good time, so seeing how that mode will evolve in the months to come is also likely to be on the streaming agenda.

Last Updated: July 15, 2020

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